Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To tell the truth

Well, my oldest, Lily, officially knows the truth about the sham that is Santa Claus (and the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy) and it makes me very sad. I thought it would be a relief to not have to keep up the lies anymore, but it is not. AT. ALL. I would not be lying to say I cried a little when she figured it out.

I love love love Christmas. Like, a ridiculous amount. It seems to have lost some of its shiny exterior for me though, now that Lily doesn't believe and I think it has lost even more of the fabulousness for her, which hurts my heart. She seems way less excited about the upcoming holidays and almost annoyed with me about Christmas now that she knows. Although, she has been getting a little involved in the deception for her sister's sake, when she is in the right mood.

Thankfully, I have another daughter to lie to for a few more years. Although, I fear far fewer years than I had with Lily. They grow up too damn fast. I need to figure a way to stop time for a little while so I can keep my babies all to myself a little bit longer.

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christine said...

Made me sad reading your post. G asked about Santa last year and I told her the truth. This year, she hasn't mentioned our previous conversation, but instead talks about Santa coming especially around O. I think she might be in denial or just keeping it up for her brother. And, if it's the former, I'm kinda glad about it.