Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thanks a lot Dolly!

So, we were supposed to go to South Padre Island to hang out on the beach for a week with my in-laws, it has been in the works for about a year, but Hurricane Dolly came along and foiled our plans. It was a real bummer and it took a few days for all of us to accept that we would not be going to the beach this year, but we turned our time off into a "stay-cation" and it was pretty fun. We went to a local lake, the waterpark, the pool. Turns out our good friends who have children the same ages as ours were also having a "stay-cation" so we got together with them quite a bit. We also did a bit of decorating in the kids' rooms, so we spent a day of our time off at Ikea!

Here are some pics from our week, it wasn't the Gulf of Mexico, but we made the best of it:

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