Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New additions

I don't have too much to write, nor do I have much time, so this post will be photo heavy. Enjoy!

First, the latest and greatest addition to our home is this fancy princess bed for our Princess Lily, thanks to the wonderful Ikea (curtains by moi). I want one of these!

Pretending to sleep, pretty convincing, eh?

The other addition to our home is the Crayola artwork by our sweet baby Chloe:

Now our walls have been covered in a super-washable (we have already tested this out) lovely shade of green, but I am sure they won't stay pristine for long!

Other new additions are Chloe's top teeth, FINALLY!

Finally, I would like to leave you with a picture of young love: Chloe and Owen (possible future son-in-law). His big sister is Lily's best friend. This week, Ginny's (our daycare provider) husband is having open heart surgery so we are trading babysitting the kids. Get well soon, John!

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Kelley said...

Young love is just too cute but what I really want to know is how a girl gets a princess bed????