Monday, April 9, 2007

Is it Christmas or Easter?

Those of you here in the midwest know what I mean. Snow on Easter in April? Lily had to wear a winter coat, hat and gloves to do an egg hunt with her neighbor, what is up with that?

We had a great time, though. My mom and Mark arrived on Saturday and we colored eggs and grilled burgers in the snow.

Lily was SO excited for the Easter Bunny to come that she got up at 6:45am on Sunday to find her basket and eggs. If any of you are familiar with my children, or any of my family, you know we like our sleep, so this was quite unusual. The Easter Bunny didn't let her down, of course, and brought all kinds of goodies - stuffed animals, stickers, Charlotte's Web DVD, and, of course, candy. Chloe could have cared less about her basket, but she did try to eat some jelly beans with her 4 teeth (choking hazard!). I had to put goldfish crackers in a few eggs for her.

We ate a big dinner at noon, which set us all up for a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Ahhhh! I love the holidays, but they are tiring and there is nothing better than a nap on a Sunday afternoon (see what I mean about the sleep thing?)

Hope everyone else had a Happy Easter.

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Saltwater purls said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Chloe has gorjuss hair I must say! And the weather...what a difference a week makes