Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Knitting? Who has time for knitting?

Well, actually I have lately. I have begun my first garment, a sweater dress for Chloe. Previously, I have only made a few scarves and hats, but I am not one to waste time practicing, I go straight for the hard stuff. So what if I create a garment that is lopsided or have to frog the whole thing?

The yarn came first, Berroco lullaby in the Down Dilly colorway (which is just Berroco suede in kid's colors), then came the pattern, Meg. When we were in Maryland for my grandma's birthday, my mom and I braved the freezing rain to check out a yarn shop in Cumberland, Millicent's yarns and more and they had an adorable jester's hat knitted out of the Lullaby and I had to have it. So, my wonderful mom bought me 5 skeins as an early birthday gift (thanks mom!)

I have only made it to the armhole shaping on the back, but I will try and get some pictures soon. The lullaby is making the most lovely looking and feeling fabric.

I, of course, have many more ambitious ideas in mind and have already bought the yarn for them, such as this Coppelia pattern for Lily, but I think I'd better stick to one at a time, for now.


Kimberly said...

Adorable pattern. It looks like a great pattern for your first foray into knitting a garment. Don't let it intimidate you, if you can knit a hat you can knit a sweater! :)

btw- thanks for the link for the sleep sack, I will definitely give it a go! :)

Kristine said...

Great work.