Friday, January 23, 2009

Universe, you have thwarted me again!

So, for some reason, it seems whenever we plan something we are excited about, there is always a last minute disaster to thwart our plans. See the following for evidence:
  1. This summer when we were supposed to go to South Padre Island and Hurricane Dolly came along and ruined that for us. I was already packed. I hate packing and unpacking especially when you are not still on a high from the great trip you just took.
  2. When Lily was about 2, her dad was going to take her to visit his parents and I was going to have a whole week to myself! I was giddy with excitement as were they, so many plans made. The day before they were to leave, she got an infection in the skin of her face (facial cellulitis) that had the potential to require hospitalization, so they couldn't go. Who gets that??
  3. This weekend my fabulous, amazing, wonderful friend, Kelley, was going to play mommy to my girls for the weekend to give the hubs and I a chance to be alone for a few days (and because she loves my kids). I have the car packed and ready to go as soon as Lily is done with school. Got a call around 10, Lily threw up at school
Yup, this is my life. Could be worse, yes, but right now, I am bummed.

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