Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely ladies

We have been having lots of fall fun, despite the dreary Michigan weather. I love this time of year. Fall color, apple picking, back to school.

Two weekends ago, we ventured to Wasem's orchard with great family friends (one of whom is Chloe's future husband) to pick apples and eat fresh donuts and cider. Yum. We are still eating the delicious apples (we got a half bushel) and I hope to get around to making applesauce this week! Thankfully, my kids love apples, so even if the applesauce doesn't happen, they will not go to waste.
Last weekend, while Shawn was on a business trip, the girls and I went to hang out with my BFF, Kelley, in Cleveland. She is an awesome friend to host us (and the mayhem) for the weekend and she loves my kids "buckets". Some of the weekends activities included a Halloween party, fort making, movie watching and a fashion show. Good times.

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