Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April fools???

Well, it's April and hovering around the freezing mark, gotta love Michigan. There was snow on the ground for Easter, 2 years in a row now! I thought I took a picture, but I think I was far too depressed.

I will leave you with some adorable pics of my girls on Easter Eve and Easter. Despite the snowy weather and illnesses, we had a lovely holiday.


Klavers from MI said...

What pretty easter dresses. It is snowy.....but less watering of the lawn this spring will be a good thing. At least in another week the snow will provide mud for mudpies....and laundry for all you moms out there :)

Nana said...

Maggie, the girl's are so precious. Tell them Nana misses them a lot. Hugs and Kisses.