Sunday, April 27, 2008


On April 14th, my mom's partner, my (almost) stepdad, and a wonderful grandpa to my kids, suddenly passed away leaving a giant hole in our hearts.

He always had his arms open to hold a child.

He was more than willing to change poopy diapers.

He looked up science experiments on the internet to do with my kids.

He starved so he could take my mom on a date.

He waited up for me and my sisters.

He was teaching Lily how to ride without training wheels.

He was a fantastic writer and I wish I had saved more of his e-mails.

He was a dog walker, dog trainer, and dog groomer.

He loved gardening and was my mom's "lawn boy".

He was always reading and knew facts about any topic.

He was always so grateful and appreciative for what he had.

I will miss him immensely.


Anonymous said...

You have saved his memory as he was - a sweet and loving guy. I miss him too. Paul Redford 1969

Anonymous said...

I hope you leave this page on your blog. I like to look at it every so often when I am missing him too.